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Residual construction waste

Definition: This category relates to mineral wastes, including asphalt and Rigips boards, as well as glass contaminated with plaster.

Recycling: These materials must be disposed of at construction and demolition waste landfills.

What we accept

  • Mineral waste: fibre-cement boards (e.g. Eternit)
  • Lightweight woodwool panels (e.g. Heraklith)
  • Plasterboard (e.g. Rigips)
  • Aerated concrete (e.g. Ytong)
  • Asphalt and glass contaminated with plaster

What stays out

  • All organic fractions
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Asbestos cement

Contact Persons

Reinhard Pierer

Reinhard Pierer

Recycling Manager General materials and file destruction, marketing manager Vlbg.