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Construction and demolition site refuse

Definition: Mixed construction wastes comprise all the wastes arising during the construction, conversion, repair or demolition of buildings that take the form of building materials and supplies, and packaging residues that are not properly sorted and free from impurities.

Recycling: The first step is to sort this material manually or using waste separation equipment. It is then recycled or incinerated at energy from waste plants.

What we accept

  • Mixed wastes
  • Sweepings
  • Contaminated packaging
  • Heavily contaminated plastic sheeting
  • Plastic containers with hardened residues
  • Sanding dust
  • Carpeting

What stays out

  • Hazardous wastes, e.g. paints and lacquers

Contact Persons

Reinhard Pierer

Reinhard Pierer

Recycling Manager General materials and file destruction, marketing manager Vlbg.