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Franz  Bachmann Franz Bachmann
Manager Iron Scrap
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Gernot  Augustin Gernot Augustin
Trader Iron Scrap
 +43 5523 502-1082
+43 5523 502-53
Mag. Lukas  Längle Mag. Lukas Längle
Trader Iron Scrap
 +43 5523 502-1145
+43 5523 502-901145
Mathias  Wölfl Mathias Wölfl
Trader Iron Scrap
 +43 5523 502-1113
+43 5523 502-901113

Light scrap

Scrap that is up to six millimetres thick is referred to as “light scrap”. This arises is households and metal working companies. Our ultra-modern plant leaves the scrap ready for use at steelworks, and no further processing is required.

Shredder: A hammer mill removes contaminants from the scrap and separates composite materials into their individual components. The contaminants include non-ferrous metals, wood and plastic.

Scrap shears: Once the extraneous materials have been removed the scrap shears cut the iron into pieces of the right size for smelting.


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