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Loacker Recycling GmbH

Lustenauer Straße 33
6840 Götzis
T +43 5523 502
F +43 5523 502-33
E goetzis@loacker.cc

Company details in accordance with the ECG [E-commerce Act], UGB [Austrian Business Code], GeWO [Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act] and Mediengesetz [Media Act].

ATU 36535905
DVR 0101214

Managing Director:
Michael Loacker

Company register:
Feldkirch Provincial Court, FN 66273 k

Competent authority:
Feldkirch District Administration

Professional associations:
Commercial section for waste and wastewater (waste collection and treatment, scrap vehicle disposal)
Commercial section for the carriage of goods (licensed companies – cross-border transportation)
Professional association for secondary materials and trading of used goods (trading of secondary materials)
Provincial guild of builders (earthworks)
Provincial guild of construction-related enterprises (miscellaneous licences for construction-related enterprises)
Provincial guild of commercial service providers (all miscellaneous commercial enterprises and skilled trades)

Valid commercial licences:
Dismantling of motor vehicles, industrial apparatus and machinery
Waste collection and treatment
Commercial trade
Earthwork construction
Master builder, limited to the demolition of buildings, civil engineering works and related edifices
Execution of demolition works, excluding all activities reserved for master builders and bricklayers
Carriage of goods

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Simon Egle (www.simonegle.com)
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