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Welcome to the future of recycling

Loacker was already working for sustainability long before the word was coined. We have been in the business of collecting, sorting and processing recyclable waste for over 130 years. As a responsibly run family firm we have always taken a holistic view of “people, planet and profit”.

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about our company

Loacker is a full-line recycling service provider. We collect, sort, process, recycle, buy and sell all kinds of recyclables, and ensure that the few non-recyclable materials are disposed properly and legally. Industrial companies, builders, local authorities and local waste collection companies across Europe have long put their trust in the expertise of our five business divisions.

Today the Loacker Recycling Group is one of the leaders in the European waste disposal business, with more than 40 facilities and around 800 employees in seven countries. Our high environmental protection standards underpin profitable growth and long-term financial stability – which is why we will continue to aim for expansion. Tighter raw material supplies, growing environmental awareness and innovative green technologies are creating the ideal conditions for us to achieve that goal. And as a dynamic family-owned enterprise, we are perfectly placed to capitalise on these opportunities.